Horsham Library

NEW PS5 Gaming at Horsham Library!

Game On With Our New PS5!

Coming to Horsham Library on Monday, February 19!

Horsham Library now has a PlayStation5, complete with four controllers and a variety of games fit for every member of the family that you can use with your library membership!

Our selection of games offers single player opportunities from world building to sports, and multiplayer up to four players racing against the clock or working together.

Users will need to have a library membership to use the PS5 and games, and those under the age of 18 will need a parent/guardian to sign permissions for them.

Currently, PS4 and PS5 games are only borrowable to use inside the Horsham Library branch with our installed PS5.

But, with all of the ins and outs of use over with, take a look down below and see which games pique your interest! They’re all playable TODAY at Horsham Library. Drop by and ask our staff to get started!

And, it’s completely FREE!


How old do I need to be to play the PS5?

Users under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign permissions for them to play the PS5. Users under the age of 13 will need parental/guardian supervision whilst playing. For parents/guardians, don’t worry, you’re free to roam the library while your child plays, you simply need to be nearby to supervise.

What rating are your games and are they safe?

We have selected games based on the Australian Classification Ratings. Our games are rated G (general) or PG (parental guidance). We have monitored the content so that passersby that may have young children will be minimally impacted by the content of the games.

How do I get started?

Come into the Horsham Library and simply ask our library staff! We can help you get set up on your gaming adventure!

Can adults play the PS5?

Of course you can! You will also need to fill out a permission form for yourself but then you are free to get started!

Why do we need to sign permission forms?

Our permission forms help us to keep track of who has and has not been granted access to our PS5. We have this policy in place to ensure that your children do not play unless you, the parent or guardian, have said it’s ok. We respect and understand that opinions on gaming is different between each household. Our permissions form also protects our equipment in the same way our Terms and Conditions protect our borrowable books and items.

I have more questions that aren’t answered here?

Give us a call on (03) 5382 1777 or email us at

You can also visit us in branch at Mibus Centre, 28 McLachlan Street, Horsham.