Book of The Week

January 29, 2024

Girl, Goddess, Queen

By Bea Fitzgerald

Available formats: New Book at Kaniva Library

Why we recommend it: Though this is a teen novel, we loved it as adults. The slow burn love story is safe for work as it reimagines how the Greek Gods came to such power and what they do with it. It tackles how the expectation of marriage is laid on women and follows a young woman escape that fate by any means necessary. Author Fitzgerald brings you on a ride as she questions the motives behind baser human instincts to do good and bad, and what the consequences of those actions are.

Abstract: Thousands of years ago, the gods told a lie. They said that Persephone was a pawn in the politics of other gods. That Hades kidnapped Persephone to be his bride. That her mother, Demeter, was so distraught she caused the earth to start dying. Well, it’s time to set the record straight. Persephone wasn’t taken to Hell: she jumped. She wanted an escape – there was no way she was going to be married off to some smug god more in love with himself than her. She’s got big plans – ones that will shake Mount Olympus to its very core. And falling in love with the Underworld’s rude, arrogant and incredibly annoying ruler, Hades, is absolutely not one of them. No matter how good he looks in torchlight.

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